WPC- 12345678000

Finding time to play !! Numbers The weirdest thing is happening. I cropped this photo to a circle shot in iPhotos but the changes will not save here. What good is a photo library of 29K photos that cannot be transferred with adaptations? Sooooooo this is when my brand new car rolled over to 8 thousand miles in less than 5 months.



So in order to update photos I have to email them to myself ????! Is it worth it ? My phone is a better tool than my laptop ??? Seems to be so ! 

WPC: The future in a glass

Challenges and the future !  It seems that every week WP seems to have a link directly to whats going on in my little world ! I have continued my journey and ended up hopefully and permanently in a place where the vines stretch and grow and the fruit will ripen. Tomorrow I begin to market and sell events at a lovely artisan winery in Berks County Pennsylvania. The Vineyard !



I have a lot to learn but I am surrounded by experts and hope to learn literally from the ground up ! I will share my knowledge with you all as the buds swell and break ! Cheers to all of you!

In addition to the grapes growing we have Max…my 11.5 month old cherubic grandson! The future of our family! 


WPC: Landscape

Word Press Challenge  My mind goes immediately to the big sky in the Netherlands but I think I will use a photo I took just yesterday as the storm swept in here in Chester County Pennsylvania and left as quickly as it came leaving a bright sunset !


WPC- Half Light

Weekly Photo Challenge

In the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am:unbound. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj ~



I could say so many things about half-light. This was the blizzard of 2016. 31″ and counting. I took a long walk after midnight. The silence was deafening and the peace was almost overwhelming. The world just seemed to pause in a half light reflective glow.

Nature in it’s finest!

Thank you Amy ! Amy’s Photo Challenge: Nature


This is Provence from my imagination. I finished this watercolor a couple of weeks ago. I have been wanting to visit for years but it has yet to become a reality. I saw a photo of the fields of lavender on Instagram as well as this photo. This is my artistic interpretation of a lovely old farm in France. Can’t you just smell the lavender? 

( Sorry ya all- not sick of M83 yet ) 

WPC- Dancing

Dancing through Life!




My blog has been tagged “Dancing  through Life” since the first day I opened it in 2012. Sometimes I was stomping more than dancing but WP reminds us gently to enjoy life to the fullest! Photo taken June 23, 2015 and I was dancing with myself ! 


Dusky shades of Pink


Sherbet Pink


My latest true light pink. November 2015. Thanks Jennifer! A mind is a terrible thing to waste !


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