WPC: The future in a glass

Challenges and the future !  It seems that every week WP seems to have a link directly to whats going on in my little world ! I have continued my journey and ended up hopefully and permanently in a place where the vines stretch and grow and the fruit will ripen. Tomorrow I begin to market and sell events at a lovely artisan winery in Berks County Pennsylvania. The Vineyard !



I have a lot to learn but I am surrounded by experts and hope to learn literally from the ground up ! I will share my knowledge with you all as the buds swell and break ! Cheers to all of you!

In addition to the grapes growing we have Max…my 11.5 month old cherubic grandson! The future of our family! 


WPC: Landscape

Word Press Challenge  My mind goes immediately to the big sky in the Netherlands but I think I will use a photo I took just yesterday as the storm swept in here in Chester County Pennsylvania and left as quickly as it came leaving a bright sunset !


WPC- Half Light

Weekly Photo Challenge

In the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am:unbound. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj ~



I could say so many things about half-light. This was the blizzard of 2016. 31″ and counting. I took a long walk after midnight. The silence was deafening and the peace was almost overwhelming. The world just seemed to pause in a half light reflective glow.

Nature in it’s finest!

Thank you Amy ! Amy’s Photo Challenge: Nature


This is Provence from my imagination. I finished this watercolor a couple of weeks ago. I have been wanting to visit for years but it has yet to become a reality. I saw a photo of the fields of lavender on Instagram as well as this photo. This is my artistic interpretation of a lovely old farm in France. Can’t you just smell the lavender? 

( Sorry ya all- not sick of M83 yet ) 

WPC- Dancing

Dancing through Life!




My blog has been tagged “Dancing  through Life” since the first day I opened it in 2012. Sometimes I was stomping more than dancing but WP reminds us gently to enjoy life to the fullest! Photo taken June 23, 2015 and I was dancing with myself ! 


Dusky shades of Pink


Sherbet Pink


My latest true light pink. November 2015. Thanks Jennifer! A mind is a terrible thing to waste !

♥ Love ♥

I would like to request a moment of silence for a wonderful man and friend. Condolences acknowledged without words please. This is a joyous celebration of the life of a great man.



Godfried and I met on WordPress in early 2013. Who knew romance could bloom on a blog? First he was going to visit New York and I was going to act as a tour guide for his daughter and of course himself. Eventually he inquired politely as only the Dutch can do, if he could come alone. Of course!  Our conversations began on Skype and Whats App and eventually he arrived in New York and it’s all lovely history. I visited his village of Horst that spring and fell in ♥ love ♥ head over heels with the Netherlands. His friends and family treated me like they had known me forever. Eventually after multiple visits I moved there on a trial basis and knew thats where I would like to live. 

I came back to the USA to pay my debts, tidy up and return permanently. During late 2014 and early 2015 he had great pain and was diagnosed with a return of liver cancer. He pushed me away at this time but gradually he went into remission and we began to plan again in ernest. Late 2015 he was sadly diagnosed with a return of the cancer and he opted for euthanasia. I respect his decision and commend a country that permits death with dignity, although I did not get to say goodbye in person. Godfried was one of the kindest and most generous men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We shared a love of nature, hiking and photography. He leaves behind a wonderful young daughter, her beautiful mother, a caring sister and brother. When WP posted this challenge it was kismet.

♥ Rest in peace dear man ♥


I am currently residing on a wonderful old horse farm in Chester County Pennsylvania. You will see a lot of it. Thanks to all the warmth from the friends I have here. Its remarkable to me that I remember each modus operandi of every last one of you! ♥



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